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  • How to get GOBX
    • How many GOBX’s can I buy and use?

      You can buy and use as many GOBX’s as you require, although you can only register up to 5 devices per mobile number on your GOBX account. If you have purchased more than 5 devices and wish to register them you can do this by using a different mobile number to the one used for the first 5 GOBX’s you registered.

    • Where to buy GOBX?

      GOBX is available in all the Hypermarkets and satellite shops across the KSA.

      For more information, please visit Get GOBX for a full list of licensed dealers and sales points.

  • Offers
    • What are the available offers on GOBX?

      GOBX is a receiver that gives access to all Free-To-Air channels .. meaning the channels that anyone can receive without paying a subscription fee.

      Now, GOBX introduces the PREMIUM pack, which includes more than 50 HD channels .. from Movies, Documentary, Drama, Kids and Much, Much more …

      The offers:

      • If you own a GOBX you can subscribe to PREMIUM Pack for SAR 299 for 6 Month
      • Or if you don’t have a GOBX, you can buy one and get 2 Month free subscription in the PREMIUM Pack
  • Registration & Setup
    • I got an email with my login details, what do I do?

      Keep these details in a safe place. We are currently working on providing you the ability to manage your GOBX account via an online portal.

    • How do I connect my GOBX to the internet?

      During the set-up wizard, you’ll need to connect your GOBX to your Internet service via your modem. You can do this either by using a wired Ethernet (recommended) connection or via a Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi).

      You can also switch between the connections in the SETUP, NETWORK SETTINGS menu option.

      Wired via Ethernet – recommended
      You can connect your GOBX device to your Internet modem using an Ethernet network cable (not included). Your GOBX device will need to be close to both your TV and the modem to let you connect using this method.

      Wireless LAN via Wi-Fi
      This lets you connect your GOBX device to your Internet modem without cables. This is useful if your GOBX and TV aren’t near your modem. You’ll need a Wi-Fi modem and your Wi-Fi security information to connect this way.

      Note: Wi-Fi connections can be affected by various factors in your home, such as other wireless devices, obstacles blocking the signal and the distance between the modem and the GOBX device. You need to consider these factors when setting up your GOBX.

    • Do I need to change my satellite to use GOBX?

      The GOBX is configured to work on Arabsat (26.0° E). If your satellite is configured for Arabsat then no changes are required, however if you are using any other satellite then you need to switch to Arabsat (Please contact your technician for getting your satellite configured).

    • How do I configure my GOBX?

      Configuring your GOBX is easy, it can be done in the following steps;

      1. Connect your GOBX to your Arabsat Satellite Dish and HD TV, and power on both
      2. Select “Start Now” to start the setup wizard
      3. Choose your Language preference
      4. Connect your GOBX via your Ethernet cable – click Next
      5. If no Ethernet, select the Wireless LAN connection – click Next
      6. Read and Agree to the T&C’s
      7. Select the country (only applicable if not connected to the internet) – click Next
      8. Click Next – on Channel Search (this will take a few minutes)
      9. Click Next – once search is done
      10. Click Next on Customer registration screen. If you haven’t already registered, call the support center to register your GOBX device.
      11. Setup successfully completed – Click Exit
    • How do I register my GOBX?

      To register your GOBX , call the GOBX support center on (+966) 92000 1231

      You will need your GOBX serial number, which is located underneath the device (as shown in the picture below). The serial number consists of 14 digits.


      When you register your GOBX you unlock a variety of entertainment that provides you with feature rich content to enhance your viewing experience.

  • Subscription
  • Technical
    • I’m getting an error on my GOBX
      • E016-0, E017-0, E018-0, E004-4: Please call (+966) 92000 1231 to update your subscription.
      • E037: Channel currently unavailable, please unplug the power and restart your GOBX.
      • E048, E052: SIGNAL NOT FOUND: Please ensure that your GOBX is properly connected to your antenna & your antenna is configured for Arabsat.


If problem continues please call GOBX support on (+966) 92000 1231.
    • User Manuals & Quick Setup Guide
    • How do I set program reminders?

      The GOBX allows you to set program reminders directly from the Guide. To set a program reminder follow the below steps:

      Press the GUIDE button, and select a future timed/dated show by pressing the OK button on the remote. You will be presented with a pop up box where you can select SET REMINDER.

    • How do I set and use Favorites channels?

      Press the  button. Select SETTINGS, CHANNEL SETTINGS and then FAVORITE CHANNELS.
      You will be presented with a list of channels on the left column, from this list you can select the channel/s you want to add as a favorite/s and press the PLUS button. Select the ADD TO FAV. option. Once you have added your favorite channels press the BACK button and select YES to save the setting.

      If you want to remove a channel from the favorites list, press the FAV button remote when watching a channel and select the channel you want to remove and press the PLUS button. Select the REMOVE FROM FAV. option.

    • How do I use the Parental Control?

      The Parental Lock function is designed to help you control what channels and programs are watched in your home. However, it should never replace adult supervision, and we recommend you be involved in what programs your family chooses to watch.

      To set a Parental Lock password press the button . Select SETTINGS, CHANNEL SETTINGS and then EDIT CHANNEL LIST. You will be prompted to enter a password. The default password is 0000. Select the channels you want to apply the Parental Lock to and press the PLUS button and then select PARENTAL LOCK. To unlock a channel, follow the same steps and select UNLOCK at the last step.

      To change your password from the default press the button . Select SETTINGS, GENERAL SETTINGS, PARENTAL CONTROL, CHANGE PASSWORD.

      Make sure you keep a secure record of the password you set, as you’ll need it to unlock
      access to channels.

      If you have forgotten your password, please contact the support center to reset your password.

    • Do I need a high definition television set to watch HD content?

      Yes, your television set will need to be connected via the HDMI cable to receive the content in HD format. If your television is not HDMI compatible you are able to use the RCA cables (not included) to connect your GOBX to your television to receive the content in Standard Definition (SD).

    • What is High Definition?

      High Definition (HD or HDTV) is a digital TV broadcasting format that provides a significantly higher resolution and image quality than that of standard analogue or other digital television formats.

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